With Miller Recruiting, finding qualified human and animal health professionals doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With our simple process, you’ll be on your way to finding the right person (or people) for the job faster than you ever imagined possible.



When you sign up with us, the first thing we will do is review your job description. From there, we will get on a phone call with you to discuss your needs before moving forward. We will ask you questions about the position you’re trying to fill, what kind of candidate you are searching for, and what your budget is. The more information we gather, the better our chances of finding the perfect candidate.

Our full process is as follows:

Review your job description

Qualification call with your hiring manager to discuss your needs, nice to have qualifications vs. must-have, etc.

Research your company and devise a recruiting strategy

Search our proprietary database of candidates for leads

Advertise opportunity on job boards

Actively recruit by contacting qualified candidates by phone, email, and text message

Further qualify candidates by conducting exploratory phone interviews

Recommend candidates worthy of client interview to your hiring manager

Perform reference checks (if you would like us to do so rather than performing checks yourself)

Coordinate with your hiring manager to recommend potential offer

Make an offer to the candidate and negotiate on your behalf

Work with your company to provide the information required for negotiating an acceptable offer

Assist candidate in terminating current position once they have accepted your offer

Assist in transition and relocation planning

Complete client and candidate satisfaction follow-up


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At Miller Recruiting, we will work tirelessly until your job opening has been filled by the perfect candidate. If you are ready to get started or would like to request additional information, please contact us today!